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My powerpoint presentation 2000>>2000 pp

Cholos mexican Gangsters

A “cholo” is a fashion subculture in Mexico and they are usually men portraying them. They usually wear either loose fitting khaki shorts or pants or loose creased jeans with knee high white socks, and flannel button front shirt over their white tee or wife beaters. They have their hair buzzed short, or slicked back hair some times held in place y hairnet or bandana. Foot wear would be converses or nike’s the favourites to wear are slip on house shoes. You also get the older “cholos”, but their look are more refined they usually wear a zoot suit which are pegged legged trousers, high waisted, wide legged, tight cuffed suits, with shirts and suspenders and includes the hat but always a hair net underneath. They usually have black ink calligraphy tattoo’s and own a lowrider, and the “Cholas” and “Cholitas” are females who adopt similar fashions. Cholas may wear clothing that is very similar to “Cholos” such as baggy jeans, tank-tops or t-shirts, as well as halter-tops or blouses. Singers such as Gwen Stefani or tattooist Kat Von D adopted this look. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=cholo









The bali bombings

This was a significance part of my life, Bali was in my heritage to hear such tragic happen to our beautiful island was a shock. It’s a beautiful tourist attraction, the whole island is. It was the deadliest act of terrorism, and the only one we had ever. It killed 202 people, in central Bali, Kuta most of them being foreigners and even their own natives. The 3 suicide bombers were linked to Osama Bin Laden, and the target was yet the United states. It shocked a lot of people in bali, as such thing was never occurred in this peaceful island. Innocent people, were brought to local hospitals and even flown to Perth for the burn unit, but yet Bali until now has never stopped gaining tourists and still becoming a beautiful island. But what it did was brought Indonesia to high awareness of such terrorism, and high security everywhere. http://www.globalsecurity.org/security/ops/bali.htm










The IT bag and celebrities and size 0

Big Big influence on very very young girls, having the IT bag? or having anything that celebrities wear. This craze have gone on until 2012, where teenagers or even adults want to be like a famous celebrity. They would spend tons of money on hair extensions, clothes, fitness instructors, just to look like one. A lot of these celebrities don’t know the influence they have on young people, and how they are able to change someone life. The size zero craze was another, life changing section of this celebrity buzz. teenagers would literally starve themselves or put themselves in situations where they can’t eat. All a competition to them who looks better in what clothes. Looking at models, stick thin frames, making themselves sick because they feel that their body is not good enough. And the tabloids exploit this enough where it is seen everywhere we look. Magazines and TV really make this such a good endorsement for them but instead its just slowly killing young girls confidence to want to be themselves. Having the right bags, and looking the best I have gone thorugh a phase myself where, i didn’t want to be fat and i use to count calories on everything, and use to shop and buy everything just to look just as good as these celebrities. Victoria Beckham was the major size 0 spokes person, and the biggest celeb endorsement for designers, her thin frame really made it to every front page of the magazine and other celebrities like Lindsey Lohan and Nicole Richie are catching up to these craze. It is know in Hollywood the skinnier you are the more roles, or shoots you get. Written in my own words no Reference



“Nancy MacDonnell – Elle USA September 2005‘Each piece they design is a hybrid of their myriad influences, which range from nineteenth century French poets to modern art to punk rock.” – Nancy MacDonnell – Elle USA September 2005


Boudicca is a design house respected for its integrity, depth of design and attention to detail. It offers collections that are deeply researched and designed while beautifully executed in the finest European fabrics, all with serious attention to the fit and finish of each garment.  Boudicca aims to create garments that are to be worn for a lifetime and are produced in limited quantities, allowing the wearer to feel a high level of exclusivity in what she owns and reflects Boudicca’s rejection of mass production. Juxtaposition of masculinity and femininity is another important aspect of the Boudicca aesthetic, with androgeny alluded to through tailoring. –http://showstudio.com/contributor/boudicca

Zowie Broach came into our class in her shirt, pants and boy shoes , she gave us a talk about her brand, it was inspiring and real. They invented the name under the influence of Queen Iceni Boudicca, a women leading the rebellion against the powerful roman empire. They recently presented their spring collection 2012 alongside Mike Fuggs ” Just tell the truth” She said she never once though of owning her own business. She said money don’t drive her, she likes having all these ideas and making it. She thinks it’s wrong that universities push students to create garments that are likeable or sellable rather than creating their unique own style first. Which I strongly agree in most cases!

Liquid Modernity by Zigmunt Bauma is a book she read that changed her opinion on life, its talks about the fluid state of the immediate settling of life, politics and human togetherness. Rethinking the concepts of mental process used to narrate human individual experience and their joint history. She also mentions Howard Hughes whom is a multimillionaire businessman, film producer, aviator gone to prestigious schools. Created his own aircraft company, designed his own aeroplane and broke the record for fastest flyer.

“college is a complete luxury” she said.

Her inspirations are going to galleries, looking at people what they are wearing and music. She said that Body scanner and 3D printing will be big in the future. SHe is off to Chicago to work on her exhibition at this present time, she also did a collaboration with Bless+ Sandra Buckland. She did a collection called ” We sell disguises” which was the most popular. Below is a link to the fashion for the collection at London Fashion Week A/W03.


Here is a link to her website >> http://www.platform13.com/




















Section 2 on the 90’s

some of the subcultures which i found interesting…


The definition of therein is “a different or an additional kind of, other kinds of.” Otherkin is a community of people that don’t see themselves as partially or full human. The vampires are somewhat related to their community, they started in the mid 90’s, by a student from the University of Kentucky that wrote for a magazine about mythical creatures, fantasy characters which then developed followers who identified themselves as mythological beings. The they are allergic to iron, but some claim to be especially sensitive and receptive to nature and some claim to be able to shape shift mentally. People have different opinions about them,  they often refer them to being psychologically dysfunctional and often reaction from disbelief. Otherkins considered the most bizarre subculture and religious movements which only largely exists on the internet. The star is the symbol of their cult.












Norwegian Black Metal scene

The norwegian black metal was a music scene, a subculture in Norway during the 90’s based around black metal. Some considered it as a cult, coming from youths, and it’s the second black metal scene. It was based on a strong anti-christ belief, there was cases of murders and hoer satanic motivated crimes. A famous group called the Gogoroths have really had a big following, and the leader Daahl has been accused of satanic murders and burning churches down. Their form of clothing would be all dressed in black and leather, wearing crosses upside down and have long hair. The music itself is dark and you can’t really understand the words, and how that group presented itself on stage using headless goats, and naked women on crosses as an appearance. wearing spiked chains and cover their faces in make up to resemble the devil.

A documentary I found about the norwegian black metal scene, that you can watch fully in parts it tells you how? when? and the music thats the produced. I found this quite interesting and scary really.


Week 24

For subcultures in the 90’s check out my PP >>1990’s pp



  • Nelson Mandela Free
  • Official End of the Cold War
  • World Trade Center Bombed
  • Nelson Mandela Elected President of South Africa
  • India and Pakistan Test Nuclear Weapons
  • The Euro the New European Currency
  • collapse of the Soviet Union
  • O.J. Simpson Arrested for Double Murder
  • Princess Diana dies in car crash
  • Tiger Woods Wins Masters
  • Titanic Most Successful Movie Ever
  • Tallest Buildings in the World Built in Kuala Lumpur
  • Scientists Clone Sheep
  • channel tunnel opens, connecting Britain to France
  • Use of the Internet Grows Exponentially
  • Hubble Telescope Launched Into Space
  • Mad Cow Disease Hits Britain
  • Rwandan genocide
  • prevention of distraction of the tropical rainforest
  • GreenPeace Movements
  • Global Warming
  • Chernobyl disaster
  • South Africa Repeals Apartheid Laws
  • Third wave of Feminism


1990’s the year I was Born

I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia 17th november 1990, my grandfather named me lisa but my mother also gave me a name Annalucia. I was a small’ 3.5kg cute baby, black hair fair skin kind of like the babies you see in that Johnson’s advert. What I can remember of my babyhood and what my parents have told me is that, whenever my dad was changing my diapers at the age of 4 I use to change the channels and because I usually got my way at such a young age, I kept doing it that was one of the annoying things I use to love doing to my dad. My mom used to dress me up, in all mini skirts and little dresses or shorts, anything that looked pretty on me and i never use to want to wear the same dress twice, my hair use to be tied up in on bun in the middle. I use to always wear two gold anklet bells on my feet so my mom knew where I was when i was running around. I must admit I wore quit a bit of jewellery, and had the bets of everything. My 1st birthday was the biggest celebration, had mongolian cuisine in the garden plus 100+ guests attend, and I wish I still remembered how much presents I got. I went to school at an early age, i started to talk and walk when I was 2 and half years old and mom said i was really creative. As i grew up i loved watching Disney, and posing in front of the camera and dancing around. I travelled a lot on my younger years mostly around Europe and Asia, the in 1995 I had  baby brother whom I love and adore.

Week 23


Political :

  • Sandra Day O’Conner first women on the supreme court
  • U.S embassy in Beirut Bombed
  • U.S bombs Libya
  • Klaus Barbie(Nazi) sentenced to life in prison
  • Berlin Wall Falls
  • Iran contra scandal unfolds
  • New York Stock Exchange Suffers Huge Drop on “Black Monday”
  • Exxon Valdez Spills Millions of Gallons of Oil on Coastline
  • Students Massacred in China’s Tiananmen Square
  • John Lennon Assassinated
  • Assassination Attempt on the Pope
  • E.T movie released
  • Famine in Ethiopia
  • Michael Jackson Releases Thriller
  • Wreck of the Titanic Found
  • DNA First Used to Convict Criminals
  • Challenger Space Shuttle Explodes
  • U.S.S.R. Launches Mir Space Station
  • PG-13 Movie Rating Created
  • Ted Turner Establishes CNN
  • Pac Man Released
  • Mount St.Helen erupts
  • New Plague Identified as AIDS
  • Huge poison gas leak in India
  • Hole in the Ozone layer discovered
  • prozac capsules released in the USA, anti depressant pills

The groovy 80’s

I decided for this post I would interview my parents, on how it was living in the 1980’s for them. My dad was born in England, so he will be talking about his experiences here and abroad while my mom is indonesian so she will be telling me about her life there in the 80’s.

Q: how old where you back in the 80’s?

A: 32 years old

Q: Overall what was it like living in the UK during the 80’s?

A: Well I stayed on the outskirts of London, In Hampshire it was by the country side so nothing bizarre really happened around here. It really didn’t change much, and I left to America in 81′ for work, then to Qatar for 1 year then spent the next 3 or more years in Indonesia. I just thought that the difference between now and then there are more diverse restaurants, and really i just spent my time abroad and if i was here it was the 9-5 job.

Q: what did you wear during the 80’s? Did you have a favourite style?

A: Because I was basically just working here in England, I wore suits everyday. Brown colour, 2 button suit, box patterned with shoes that had thick soles on them. I wouldn’t class myself particularly as a MOD but I did have a different outfits if I went out I just wore jeans(flared) with t-shirts or shirts. My hair was defiantly longer than now and wavy , wore some rings and necklaces. My style was quite simple but sharp. I mostly buy my suits from Marks& Spencers and don’t really have a style in particular just whatever is comfortable.

Q:Where did you use to hang out or party?

A: In the evening after work I would go to the pubs locally, like the one in Camberley called ‘Lakeside’ and on the weekend I would drive to London and go to discotheques like ‘ Cafe de Paris.’

Q:What music did you listen to?

A: I like my Rock’n’Roll music, up to now I still pick up the guitar and play on my spare times at home. I liked bands such as The Scorpions, Van Halen, english band the Ground Hogs, Stray, Jimmy Hendrix, Abba and of coarse Michael Jackson. It was quiet varied but I did like the rock genre.

Q:Anything interesting happened to you during the 80’s?

A:Well I had my dream job, as an engineer and i went to America, then I traveled around with my work then went to Indonesia which then led to meeting you mom in 84′. “I asked if there was anything more that was exciting?” and he answered “no, pretty much the travelling and I forgot most of it anyway”. I said ‘ok.”

Now I interviewed my mother on her experience in the 80’s…..

Q: how old where you back in the 80’s?

A: I was 18 years old

Q: Overall what was it like living in the Indonesia during the 80’s?

A: Well first of all we had a strict militant leader, he use to be the general in the army but he became president of Indonesia. He had his authoritative ways of ruling the country but it didn’t really effect me as such though. I was till Playing with my friends from school, we lived in a village barely any lights, no big roads, big trees still everywhere, not a lot of people nor a lot of pollution. I lived the simple live, but I did love riding motorbikes particularly Harley Davidson. The rebel I am. I did like jogging and walking far distance form the village to the city, I mean i had strict parents i wasn’t really able to experience real teen life.

Q: what did you wear during the 80’s? Did you have a favourite style?

A: I wore Dungarees with t-shirts or blouses, but then as the years past i work mini skirts, flared jeans. My hair was afro short, dark but i sometimes plait my hair or cut it in a fringe. I use to do all sort of stuff but never dyed my hair any sort of colour. I had my trainers or sling back sandals, i was pretty fashionable for a village girl. My clothes were all tailor made.

Q:Where did you use to hang out or party?

A: My parents was really strict not aloud to go out partying at all, so the most fun we do is go and watch telly in my friends house or the neighbours house.

Q:What music did you listen to?

A: I like indonesian pop, but then I also liked Susan Quattro, Duran Duran, Abba and The Scorpions oh and Michael Jackson but this was further onto my older years that I like listening to rock.

Q:Anything interesting happened to you during the 80’s?

A: The most interesting or exciting thing that has happened to me was when i got a job printing in advertisement, and selling clothes in 82′. I really enjoyed selling, but I went up for a job in Hotel Indonesia as a waitress and got it since then I was introduced to the foreign world meeting new people and in 84′ I met your dad and he showed me everything that I missed out really such as discotheques but that I still had to do behind my parents back.

Overall, after interviewing both my parents what a huge difference it was listening to what they had to say and the lives they were living miles apart. Of coarse the difference in age but also the way of living in their countries. Obviously Indonesia wasn’t as developed as England would be, and the President Suharto which I will tell you about wasn’t exactly the nicest. Below is a link to a little bibliography on him.


 Below is a picture gallery of my parents back in the 80’s (click on the picture below to see a larger image)

Week 22


1970’s presentation < MY PP PRESENTATION

I did a 70’s presentation and it included a sub culture called Zoo York which then became a brand. I found an article on them, for their updated work. Check this link to read about it >>http://hypebeast.com/2012/03/kate-upton-takes-zoo-york/

The changes happening in the 60’s carried on into the 70’s. Women wanted Equal pay like men, because of the equal right movement and the feminism movement. Here is a link to the act http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1970/41. They also had the ‘rights to buy’ people were allowed to own their own housing estates, and ownership then became increased in the UK. Margaret Thatcher became the 1st female Prime minister to date in the UK. She created great controversy such as bringing an end to free school milk for children over seven and increasing school meal charges. Here is a link to a video of her free society speech. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oK3eP9rh4So&feature=player_embedded

In winter 1978 Grave diggers, waste disposal workers, lory drivers all labour workers went on strike because the government attempted to enforce limits on pay rises to curb inflation and by then Inflation had reached a height of nearly 26.9% in August 1975. They had a big oil crises where people couldn’t buy gasoline, or had only some days when they can only purchase petrol. A lot of European countries introduced ‘car free days’ and it lead to stale economic growth in many countries as oil prices climbed. 

They were so keen to save the environment, they have ‘Earth Day’ which people demonstrate by wearing a gas mask to show their concern about pollution and that we should have a cleaner earth. The Green Peace Campaign they campaign against wasting resources they also know as the ‘rainbow warriors.’

Music, Entertainment and Fashion was a massive hit in the 70’s. Disco was born, it started of in the gay scene of New York City. It’s musical influence was funk, latin and soul. The women embraced it, and it became popular hit for major groups. Then hits such as “the hustle’ by Van McCoy’s or The film ‘Saturday Night Fever’ was released. The film was made specifically to broaden disco’s popularity beyond its primarily homosexual, black, and Latin audience. There was Donna Summer, the Jacksons and The Bee gees taking disco to new heights with the mini dresses, hot pants, platform shoes and metallics. 

Rock& Punk bands were again influences to fashion and lifestyle in the 70’s. Bands like the Ramones, Sex pistol, The clash are all Punk bands that were massive. They had a followers “anti-fashion” which rejected society values and having an urban street voice through music and identity. Basically the punk fashion came about as a culture and they were anti-materialistic, their style was dirty, simple second hand shop clothes were worn just how the Ramones use to dress. BDSM inspired punk fashion, with spiked bands, spiked jewellery, pins, latex, fishnet and women use to combine feminine garments with masculine items such as big clunky boots. They purposely rip their clothes, wrap black tape around some garments also bin liners were made into dresses, skirts, shirts. Leather, rubber and vinyl clothing have been common, possibly due to their connection with breaching sexual practices, such as bondage.

There were a few fashion designers that the decade, one of them was Lee Bender opening a shop called ‘Bus stop’ were they had cheap fast paced fashion all the time, and her stuff use to sell out so quickly because it was in fashion and cheap. But after many years of doing it, she sold her company to now what is called French Connection and now opened up a boutique in Knightsbridge under her name.

And another Tommy Nutter, a british born tailor that reinvented saville row suit. Abandoned architecture for tailoring, became a success making them for the likes of Elton John and Mick Jagger.Then his business became less successful, but started designing RTW clothing, and marketed it to Austin Reed.

Written with my own words no reference.

Section 2 of the 70’s

Black September

In 1972 They call it ‘Black September’ Arab guerilla’s broke into the Israeli building in the Olympic village in Munich, they bursted in with their machine guns blazing off bullets. They instantly killed 3 people, and 2 athletes ran out for freedom, and 10 were held back as hostages. What they wanted, was the release 200 Palestinians held out in Israeli jails and a safe passage for the Germans. The west German Chancellor Willy Brandt, flew over and took some charge of negotiations. They wanted to fly with the hostages to an Arab country, so they had a plane waiting for them as the chancellor agreed. Then German police sharp shooters, opened fire, that ended tragically in a gun battle leading to all dead but one Arab captured. This outbreak was a result to King Hussein of Jordan declaring military rule to seize his kingdom, resulting in the deaths of thousands of Palestinians in Jordan.


-a little clip on ‘black September’

There was some birth issues during the 70’s of having not enough hospital beds, so women gave birth at home and expected midwifes to be there to help them out, but doctors say that this is dangerous for the women’s health and the baby and that they should be in more care in the hospital. Some women campaigned that they would rather have child birth at home than insufficient help in the hospitals. These are some articles I have found on them, newspaper clips from the 70’s.

Another Newspaper article I found that was interesting was that kids, back in the 70’s would collect wacky Packs of chewing gum because they would have stickers of baseball players or artist included Art Spiegelman, Kim Deitch, , Bill Griffith, Jay Lynch, and the late, Norm Saunders; who are all well known names amongst the (adult) underground comics crowd.

Week 20

1960’s pp << MY PP Presentation


In the 60’s the had a new revolution of ways of thinking, a change in their lifestyle, education, value, environment, political, fashion. They had a baby boom after the war where all matures into teens and young adult. They wanted a change in how they were living, or how they dressed. Icons such as the beetles which influenced how men dress with Nehru jackets and mop hairstyle. And designers such as Mary Quant change their whole perspective of women in fashion.

They were still fighting in the Vietnam war which effected them and the people, they begun an anti war movement, and as well as that they had the civil rights movement which included Martin Luther King on his peaceful protests and Malcom X preaching his black nationalism. They had some changes that were drastic and effects us right now, such as birth control pills was available and abortion was legalised for women. Alan shepard became the first american in space, and Neil Armstrong walked the moon.

They constantly had new events coming up, young people turnout into mainstream protestant, the crimes soared so did the drugs. The hippies played a strong part as they introduced counterculture. Hippies created a movement towards liberation of society, questioning the government and authorities. They socially accepted drugs, and demanded freedom and the rights for women and minorities and introduced the sexual revolution. They opposed violence and they had their festival such as Woodstock as the pinnacle of the hippie movement. This started other movements such as the gay rights movements wanting to have their freedom too as well as the rise to feminism were women wanted to do what men did, to vote. College campuses became the centre of debate and protest hardly any education. Technology becomes more innovative, they had the first video game made, and car’s became faster made a stronger engine.

Fashion and the trends influenced they young teens growing up in this era, being music is a big part of the Mod subculture, their modern look was a massive hit. Women had long dresses to cover up their body in public but by mid 60’s the dresses got shorter, go go boots was worn revealing body and legs. Men’s hair got longer and wider, they wore pants suits and turtle necks. Ben Sherman and Fred perry is a prime example of this Mod look, and of coarse the beetles again was the icon to look up to. Mary Quant famous for designing the ‘Mini skirt’ which was a sell out, every stylish girl in the western country owned a pair. Jacky Kennedy stayed elegant and true to herself as the first lady and designed pillbox hats that women used with their bright coloured suits, short boxy jackets and over sized buttons.

Emilio Pucci also a famous designer back in the 60’s with his smock dresses, and micro mini dresses. Full of prints and pattern tights using velvet, chiffon and lace. Bikini’s came into fashion in 1963, and the African-American hairstyle ‘Afro’ was introduced then too. The hippies as well as protesting had their own trend, of batiks, tie-dye, bell bottom jeans,head wraps. Fashion proved to have changed and revolutionised this era. Written in my own words no reference


Week 19

Vexed( angry, confused, dissatisfied) 1993. Design Based on Air pollution to filter the mouth and nose. Improve Individual experience of urban environment clothing design based on social change.

A small London label in the mid 90’s named Vexed Generation, formed by Adam Thorpe and Joe hunter. They Wanted to show meaning and value beyond mere surface effect or actual price. Various designs such as the one shoulder rucksack was widely spread and well known that high end brands and high streets brands decided to copy it. The Bag was practical, it could carry 50 records and it ha d a quick velcro fastener, detachable mobile phone holder too. Then the Vex parka made in blust proof ballistic nylon, it featured padding in strategic places to protect the skull, kidney and other key places if attacked by riot police. The ninja style balaclava hood came out in response to the CCTV that was caught snooping around, it covered your identity and it created a big buzz( daily mail) Soon after they worked with brands such as ruff and puma. The aim for them was to have a reasonable cost to garments and the design to make for comfort. They went on to develop more products and research projects. Still available for Vex generation fans and still seen on online websites such as Ebay.


article on Vexed generation – http://www.frieze.com/issue/review/vexed_generation/



week 18

Define : subcultures

A culture group within a larger culture, often having beliefs or interests at variance with those of a larger culture.

50’s-  Rock& Roll era 


Rock and Roll lifestyle that started in the 50’s, teens start to rebel against their parents, leather jackets and denim blue tight jeans. Hairstyles pomade or slicked back using a lot of vaseline (greasers) Elvis Presley played a big part to their lifestyle.


60’s- Mod (modernists)/ teddy Boys

A modern lifestyle which includes a big part of jazz, and african american soul. Tailor made suits, skinny black ties and creepers. Fred perry & Ben Sherman played a big role for the men, fashion wise. Including their motor scooters with the women dressed in bright coloured frocks and high boots. Twiggy being an icon of this era! THE Beatles completely signify the Mod Look.



1965- Hippies

Hippies were part of a youth movement, composed mostly of white teenagers and young adults between the ages of 15 and 25 years-old.  Inheriting a tradition of cultural dissent from the bohemians and the beatniks, hippies rebelled against established institutions, criticized middle class values, opposed the Vietnam War, embraced aspects of non-Judeo-Christian religions, promoted sexual liberation, and created intentional communities, leading some to describe hippies as a new religious movement. Hippies were against “political and social orthodoxy”, choosing a “gentle and nondoctrinaire” politics that favored “peace, love, and personal freedom.” http://www.arikiart.com/Fashion/hippies-1960s.htm

70’s- Skin heads/ Punks

Punk first emerged in the mid 1970s in London as an anarchic and aggressive movement.  About 200 young people defined themselves as an anti-fashion urban youth street culture.  Closely aligned was a music movement that took the name punk. The clothes suited the lifestyle of those with limited cash due to unemployment and the general low income school leavers or students often experience.Body piercing was done in parts other than the usual accepted placement in the ear lobe. The placement of studs and pins in facial body parts such as eyebrows and cheeks, noses or lips for the masses was then quite unusual even after the freedom of the 1960s. When Vivienne Westwood started to get noticed in this era.


80’s- Raves/ Synths/ Pop

Time of prosperity and money, and electronics. Madonna was born into the music, with her sexual boldness which fits into this era because fashion started to be big, and bold and colourful. Dance Wear was a hit, and patterns and prints were very fashionable to the youths. Music started to become provocative and sexual, New Wave is just one of the many 80s fads that swept across the music scene.


90’s -Grunge/ Hip-hop

The birth of super model, were Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington,Linda Evangelista, and Tatjana Patitz. Grunge was born, continuing off the 70’s and 80’s punk, mostly coming from the US through bands like Nirvana. Cocaine hip chic, don’t sleep sorta look for them. Where as the others had a hip hop, Prince of bel air following with Hip hop fashion labels such as “baby phat’ and baggy jeans and baggy clothes. The Surfers took a following their, laid back baggy look.


2000- Early emo’s

“Today emo is commonly tied to both music and fashion as well as the emo subculture.Usually among teens, the term “emo” is stereotyped with wearing slim-fit jeans, sometimes in bright colors, and tight T-shirts (usually short-sleeved) which often bear the names of emo bands. Studded belts and black wristbands are common accessories in emo fashion. The emo fashion is also recognized for its hairstyles. Popular looks include long side-swept bangs, sometimes covering one or both eyes. Also popular is hair that is straightened and dyed black. Bright colors, such as blue, pink, red, or bleached blond, are also typical as highlights in emo hairstyles. Short, choppy layers of hair are also common. This fashion has at times been characterized as a fad. In the early 2000s, emo fashion was associated with a clean cut look,but as the style spread to younger teenagers, the style has become darker, with long bangs and emphasis on the color black replacing sweater vests”



All of these Subcultures stem from economic and political tumult for instance, the Vietnam War in the 60’s and 70’s and the Falklands War in the 80’s.